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Climate Change

Aloha friends! Welcome back to Satvastraa. Today I have something interesting to share. We all studied many subjects in school like mathematics, English, history, geography, etc. Today, let’s recall some of the geography topics that we learnt. The chapters about Earth, Seasons, Atmosphere, Oceans, Continents and much more. You must be wondering why am I taking you back down the school memory lane, right? The topic which needs our attention the most is CLIMATE. Yeah, I know we did our projects and presentations on Climate change, Pollution and so on. We all know that climate change is still an issue and it is getting severe day by day.

Let me start today with some horrifying facts.

  • More than 1 million species face extinction.

  • Climate change is creating a refugee crisis.

  • Our oceans are dying.

  • We use more of the earth's resources than it can renew.

  • Greenhouse gas levels are at an all-time high.

But here’s a ray of hope, if we all work hard towards this, we may be able to reverse it.

  • Climate change could be irreversible by 2030.

Are you all aware of the fact that there are movements and organizations who target the political leaders so that this can be taken as a serious concern. Some of the major movements are Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion about which I’ll be sharing some information. Sunrise movement is an American Political Organization founded by Varshini Prakash, which advocates political action on climate change.

They have an environmental program known as THE GREEN NEW DEAL. The goal of the Green New Deal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. And is also trying to fix societal problems like economic inequality and racial injustice. The next movement is Extinction Rebellion based from London. Extinction Rebellion has bold but non-violent protests. They want to grab the headlines so that the government declares climate and ecological emergency. They had one interesting protest which I would like to specially mention which was known as ‘BLOOD OF OUR CHILDREN’.500 liters of fake eco friendly blood was used on Downing street where there is the office and residence of British Prime Minister.

The message behind this protest was to show mourn the loss of life also for the life which is not born yet and to protest the injustice to the future generation. They also targeted ‘SHELL’ (Oil and Gas Company) because we all know that fossil fuels are a major reason for climate change. The company knows that they have been a part of climate change for 30 years. So, they protested in front of the company and asked them to think about climate first and then profits. So, all these organizations and movements are trying hard to grab the attention of political leaders so that some immediate action can be taken. But our political leaders are not taking climate change seriously. We all are aware of Greta Thunberg (who roasted Donald Trump) the courageous young girl who speaks about climate change. She is now the world’s best known climate campaigner. I will be sharing some links below which I suggest you to watch. In short climate change is a very serious issue which we all should consider. We should try supporting movements and personally try to make changes. I stumbled across a beautiful line in the video which was said by a school girl- “A lot of people I know, know climate change is an issue, that’s not the debate. The debate is how willing they are to get involved.” So, I request you all to start taking smaller steps to save our future generation and our mother earth. See you all in the next blog. Do let me know if you like the blog or have any suggestions in the comment box below (I know I know I sound like a youtuber! ☺). Until then stay safe and choose wisely. This is me Shreya signing off from SATVASATRAA. Sayonara.



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