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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Aloha friends! Welcome back to Satvastraa for some brainstorming information. Today I will tell you all about the famous psychological theory, fashion needs, and its consumption. Let me start by asking you a question. How many pairs of dresses do you own which aren’t frequently worn? (Let me know in the comment box) I personally have 3 types in my wardrobe.

  • One is the regular clothes (shorts, pajamas, comfy T-shirts, track pants, etc.) that I use at home or when I have to run an errand.

  • The second is when I have to go to malls, college or somewhere out (you know the fancy or beautiful dresses that type.)

  • And the last is traditional wear I use at functions. (Heavy dresses, lehengas, etc.) The most unused is the heavy dresses.

We all have come across posts or watched videos saying wardrobe essentials with just basic clothing items. For example, I have 3 Tshirts+2 jeans+4 shoes so in total 24 outfits are possible out of it. In simpler words, how do we calculate the outfits? Just multiple the numbers as in the above example i.e., 3*2*4=24. So you see how many outfits we can make with just using what we have. We just need to make permutations and combinations. Moving forward do you know much water is required for making one cotton T-shirt? Any wild guesses? Lemme know in the comments. So, one cotton T-shirt requires about 2700 liters of water. This quantity of water is considered enough for a person to drink for about 900 days. Strange and shocking right? We prefer cotton shirts unaware of the fact that 2700 liters of water is used in the process. When we see sales or discounts in any shop, we go crazy and buy many unwanted things. Why? Because it is cheap. But do you see the long-term effects of this? It will eventually result in landfills. Many of our clothes are not degradable. Well, if you are waiting for a sale invest in sustainable brands. We have some sustainable brands in India too. We just have to look for it. Uh-oh, I am drifting from the topic I was initially talking about. I will talk about sustainability in the next blog to get a more clear understanding. Now let me tell you about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You might have heard (udte udte) about this theory and if not, I will be explaining it anyways.

So, this theory is one of the best-known theories of motivation. This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs. This theory is often explained through a pyramid structure. As we can see basics start from the bottom and people want to reach the top tier of the pyramid i.e., self-actualization. As the person moves from one level to the other it starts becoming more complicated.

  • The first level is physiological needs-The most basic human survival needs include food and water, sufficient rest, clothing and shelter, overall health, and reproduction. If this is satisfied then the person moves to a further level.

  • The second is safety needs-the needs for security and safety become primary. People want control and order in their lives.

  • The third is love and belonging- At this level, the need for emotional relationships drives human behavior.

  • Fourth is esteem- When the bottom three needs are fulfilled people, want their work to be recognized and want appreciation and gain the respect of others.

  • Fifth and the most important level Self-actualization-Maslow emphasized the importance of self-actualization, which is a process of growing and developing as a person in order to achieve individual potential. Self-actualization people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested in fulfilling their potential.

In the pyramid, the bottom 4 needs need to be satisfied so that the person can move up. Whereas the top level is growth needs. People have to achieve their full potential as human beings at this level. This was all about the theory. So, in which level do you fall? That was all for today. Until then stay safe and choose wisely. This is me Shreya signing off from Satvastraa. Sayonara!




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