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Aloha friends! Welcome back to Satvastraa. When we go shopping, we check the tag price and then decide if it is worth the price or not. There are hidden costs in it which we as consumers cannot see. Hidden cost in the sense the shirt we are planning to buy is made by efforts of many people. Do we even know where it came from? We just know ‘MADE IN INDIA’. But which part in India? Who made my clothes? How much did the person get paid? There will be many such questions that will arise in our minds if only we think really hard. Let me give you a glimpse of the fashion industry from outside. It’s all dazzling, beautiful, successful, etc. But is this the same reality inside the industry? The answer is no. There are a lot of things that go inside which I will call 'THE DARKSIDE'. We all now know what is fast fashion and its impact on the nature. Today I will tell you its impact on the people. China is the 1st most apparel exporter. Bangladesh comes right after that in the 2nd place. Does Bangladesh remind you something? Rana Plaza building, Dhaka, 23rd April 2013.

This day can be called as black day in the fashion industry which shook many people. More than 1000 killed and injured in the collapse of the building. All of them were workers. When the workers pointed out the cracks in the building the management ignored which resulted in taking thousands lives. This is what happens in the inside of an industry. The workers are not paid what they deserve. Instead, they work for long hours with low wages. There is no proper facility for them. No one listens to them. Only their hands work not their rights. There are unions in many countries but they are not entertained. They want what they deserve but they are not heard. This was of Bangladesh. Prices of clothes continue to go down, even though costs haven’t. Labor is getting squeezed in the equation. All the companies want to buy clothes at cheaper rate and earn high profits. Because of this the garment workers are forced to work faster and cheaper. This is the only point of supply chain where the margins are squeezed. The advertisements catfish us in buying their products under the pretext of getting satisfied.

Whereas the truth is the more you have the less are you satisfied. Keeping all this in mind let us pledge to help the artisans get their right and voice. I would really urge you al to watch the documentary whose link ill be sharing below. So, guys this was all for today. This is me Shreya signing off from Satvastraa. Until then stay safe and choose wisely. Sayonara!



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