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Updated: Nov 24, 2021


(PART 1)

Aloha friends! Welcome back to Satvastraa. So, I know that we all love shopping! Be it stationery, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Now speaking from my personal experience is that when I go to a shop, I actually purchase something (not every time but mostly) be it just one item because I feel that I’m doing something illegal by just entering and not purchasing. I don’t know why, but I feel so. Do you all feel the same? Let me know in the comment box. Anyway, let us specifically talk about clothing brands. Many of us prefer a specific brand to buy things. And nowadays we just shop online. if we like any clothing item, we simply buy it. While buying do we see if the brand is sustainable? Let me educate you all a bit about sustainability. It means ‘the quality of not being harmful to the environment.” Now let me tell you this that sustainable brands have products that are a little overpriced. Now the reason is that they have to make fabrics which are sustainable and the manufacturing cost is not cheap. Only some produce the fabrics. Research cost, the production cost is added while costing so they become overpriced. In simple words antiques or rare things fetch more price than cheap things, right? We have few sustainable brands in the world. The one which I will be sharing with you is a brand known as Whimsy and Row based in LA.

This brand was founded by Rachel Temko in 2014 with the mission to provide ease and elegance for a modern sustainable woman.

She realized that there is a huge gap in the sustainable fashion industry. So, she tried to make a brand without excess egos or wastage. They use various fabrics which are either upcycled (reused) or organic like dead stocks, linen, tencel cupro blend, printed viscose crepe, tencel, organic cotton, and organic denim. All of them are good for the skin and for nature. There are some things I loved about this brand. One of them is organic denim and the second being the ways they put efforts towards packaging, making clothes, and at the same time not wasting resources. That’s cool, right? There are more interesting things about this brand which I will be sharing in the next blog. This is it for today. Until then stay safe and choose wisely. This is me Shreya signing off from Satvastraa. Sayonara.




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